More choice at your finger tips!

Prepare to level up your gold and silver game with Minted’s shiny NEW e-commerce platform. You can now buy gold and silver straight from our Minted Store available within the app.
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Physical gold

  • Each gram of Minted gold is 100% LBMA certified “Good Delivery” pure gold, 24 karat with 999.9 purity.
  • Both the bar weight and assayed bar purity are measured by professional assayers, independently of Minted, when the bar is first manufactured.
  • If you choose delivery, the gold will come in the form of 10g gold bars.
  • All gold bars are stamped with the number 999.9 to certify their gold purity. Metalor, Perth Mint, PAMP Suisse, and Nadir Gold Refinery are among the authorized and reputable gold suppliers from which we source all of our gold to ensure that you only receive investment-grade gold.
  • Our pricing is extremely competitive and based on current gold prices. The current premiums can be seen on our fees page.

Vaulted Silver

  • Minted's Vaulted Silver product, also known in the industry as "Allocated Silver," provides buyers with access to investment grade 999 pure Silver that is backed 100% by the physical metal.
  • It is called "Allocated," or in our case, "Vaulted Silver," because the silver is physically stored in a secure bonded facility.
  • When you buy Vaulted Silver from Minted, you become the owner of a share of the silver that is stored at the bonded facility. This means that you are exempt from paying the 20% value-added tax as well as the other costs that are levied when the silver is assigned and delivered to you..
  • By not having the physical metal delivered, you can enjoy VAT FREE Silver while still reaping the benefits of physical silver ownership. This allows you to receive 20% higher returns on your money than other physical silver options on the market.
  • Furthermore, Minted provides FREE storage in our highly secure vaults, FREE insurance, and a low flat premium to ensure that you are purchasing silver at the best possible price.
  • You can get your Vaulted Silver shipped by contacting our customer care team and requesting a quote based on the current live spot rate. Please keep in mind that requesting delivery will incur additional fees such as VAT, minting, and shipping costs.
Scan the QR code to download Minted.
Scan the QR code to download Minted.

Monthly Plans

With our monthly plan options available for both Gold and Vaulted Silver, you too can now begin accumulating wealth automatically every month and secure your future in a few easy steps hassle-free!

Choose your metal
Choose your monthly plan amount (Min. £10)
Choose your payment date

We will purchase the metal of your choice on the specified date each month and have it securely vaulted and insured for free!
Watch your metal holdings grow or choose to sell back to us, or even have your bars delivered to you at any time.

We understand that circumstances in life may change, so we have designed our monthly plans to be completely flexible – you can change the amount of the plan, pause or cancel whenever you wish! No contracts or time limits.

Our pricing is extremely competitive and some of the lowest in the market, determined via live market rates. You can find our current rates on our fees page.


Minted’s unique transfer feature lets you transfer gold, silver or cash to others! Whether it’s as a gift to family and friends or to make a payment, the Minted transfer feature makes it quick and super easy. No other app makes it possible like we do.

Scan the QR code to download Minted.
Scan the QR code to download Minted.

Cash Wallet

The Cash Wallet also referred to as an E-wallet, is essentially your cash account on the Minted Platform. Whenever you choose to sell Gold or Vaulted Silver, the funds from the sale are deposited into your e-wallet as soon as the order is processed.

You can use the money in your e-wallet to make purchases on the Minted app and store. You can also transfer cash to other Minted users or have your cash sent to your registered bank account.