Precious metals API platform

The golden string to your bow
Our services are flexible and digitally held, you can rely on us wherever you are in the world.
With our strong vault partnerships, we can store and deliver your customers' metals wherever you need.

Why partner with Minted?

Custody of the metals at our independently managed, fully secure, bank grade vaults.
Full insurance of the customer assets at the market value.
Regularly published independent physical audits of the customer assets.
Delivery to your customers doorstep using a premium insured courier.

Minted API features

State of the art partner platform

White-label integration

Fully Compatible RestAPI

Full or partial customer onboarding
(AML, KYC, and Biometric ID scanning)

Rails Only Integration

Marketing support

Secure balance checking and funds retrieval

Multilingual and multi currency support

Security and testing

We are proud of our dedicated team of domain-qualified QA engineers in charge of our quality assurance process and end-to-end testing of our always on financial platform.
Five nines uptime - our platform is operational for 99.999% of the year

API Use Cases


Challenger Banks

Integrate the most popular alternative assets in to your product offering.


With the rise of alternative assets, the benefits of investing in gold have never been greater.

Crypto Exchanges

Offer customers the option of converting crypto to gold instead of FX.

Auto Savings Platforms

Allow savers to own physical precious metals.


Reward your customers with gold instead of cash.

Minted Connect Global Reach

We are a flexible, digitally held and physically available model

Reliable access to us from anywhere in the world

With our vault partnerships we can store and deliver to your customers.

What will Minted Connect provide for your customers?

A new way to build and manage their wealth

Affordable, easy and secure

Affordable, easy and secure

Access to the precious metals market from any where in the world

What will Minted Connect provide for you?

Build a revenue stream

Differentiate from competitors

Return value to your customers in the form of potential ROI

Gain exposure to new markets / opportunities

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