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5 Ridiculously Expensive Golden Items

There is no denying that people love luxuries and it’s just not possible to mention luxuries and not talk about gold. So, can you even fathom how posh, luxurious things could get with the yellow metal added to them? Therefore today, we’ll be mentioning the most ridiculously—costly— expensive luxuries that are made of gold.

(We don’t want to add any spoilers, but the items on this list will utterly shock you with their lavishness, especially the last one!) So no more waiting, let's talk gold.


Buying a new phone isn’t necessarily the cheapest thing; but if you think a $1,000 iPhone is expensive, just wait till you hear this—A Russian company called Caviar that transforms existing smartphones into luxury versions, has had its way with the new iPhones. So if you’re ready to splash the cash, this company made an iPhone worth thousands of dollars. You’re probably thinking how expensive can an iPhone get right? Well, let’s take a look!

Firstly, the new collection features the Apocalypto model and it starts at a cool $34,830. This model contains a 24 Carat gold backplate and pays a tribute to the Toltec culture which resided in modern-day Mexico between 900–1521 AD.

However, if you think this is as expensive as it gets. You’re wrong.

The number one most expensive model is the Mao edition. Just like the Apocalypto collection, this model features a 24 Carat gold plate around the back of the iPhone. However, the Mao version is mixed with a mahogany insert and topped with a blood drop shaped ruby stone. As for the price, the Mao iPhone 12 Pro with 128GB storage starts at $36,950 and goes up to $44,720 for the 12Pro Max version. Not too bad huh?

Watches (pocket watches)

One of the most excessively priced luxury items in the world is watches. Most people want to own expensive watches; but then again you would think, how pricey can a watch get?

*Drum roll please*

The most expensive gold watch goes to Patek Philippe Super Complication Gold Pocket Watch, worth $24 million.

$24 million is the most any watch has ever been priced, including both pocket watches and wristwatches.

But let’s back up a little bit to know why this watch is so ridiculously expensive.

The watch was purchased by Sheikh Saud Bin Mohammed Bin Ali Al-Thani of the Qatari royal family from Sotheby’s, for $11 million in 1999. However, Sotheby was later forced to return the watch as part of a debt repayment a few years before. Thus, in 2014, the watch was resold in an auction which coincidentally also marked the 175th anniversary of the Swiss watchmaker.

Shoes (specifically heels)

Most women would love flowers, chocolates, and dinner at a fine restaurant for valentines day. However, the next item will be a game-changer in the world of gifting, as British designer Christopher Michael Shellis spent three years designing the world’s most luxurious pair of shoes. The talented shoe designer has created many expensive shoes but nothing compares to these £268,000 Gold Valentine Stiletto shoes.

The stunning heels are made of pure gold and the straps are studded with 2,000 diamonds. And if you are worried about ruining them, don’t be! Because the shoes come with a 1,000-year guarantee and easily replaceable heel and sole.  

Cars (Lamborghini)

Now the Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4 is already flashy on its own; Its futuristic design approach and strong character lines are more than enough to attract pedestrians. So can you imagine adding 500-kilogram blocks of pure solid gold to it? The custom model is crafted by RGE Robert Gulpen Engineering in Germany, and the starting price for the auction is set at $7.5 million.

Though it’s not made for the road, the lavish sports car is covered with precious metals and gemstones that are valued by the seller at $2.64 million. And to make things fancier, the Lamborghini comes with an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records, being the most expensive model car. So every penny is surely worth it.

Here comes the one you’ve been waiting for!

Toilets *yes, really!*

It’s the 21st century and everybody’s trying to step up their game. So if you feel like normal toilets are just not cool anymore, then you’ll have to check this out.  

The most expensive restroom in the world is based in Hong Kong and was built by Hang Fung Gold Technology Group, which took luxury to a whole new level. The restroom is covered in 4-carat gold, jewel-embellished walls and a gold toilet worth $2.5 million, which luckily remains unused.

Of course, no toilet comes without toilet paper. So don’t you fret because this Australian company has got you! The Toilet Paper Man company has produced a $1.3 million toilet paper roll made of gold which the company claims is 100% usable and safe. This toilet paper roll ranks as the most expensive toilet paper in the world.

The Verdict

Some may say that these people are wasting their money, but few might notice that these people are actually putting their money to work. Buying things and waiting for their price to increase so that you could sell them, is the same as purchasing an asset and waiting for its returns.

It all comes down to these two types of people: ones that save their money at the bank and ones that are smart enough to use it; who also happen to be the same people that get through inflations unscathed. So which one do you want to be?

Either way, We’ve got you gold!

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