15 Apr

Surprising Uses Of Gold

Gold occupies an important value in our economy and culture.

It’s cool to own things made of gold, an honour to receive a gold medal, or even be told that you have a golden heart. It’s just impossible to say no to gold. We all know gold for its monetary purposes or in jewellery, but few actually know the diverse uses of gold. This is what this article is for! Here are 5 surprising uses of gold:

Stick till the end to know the most shocking one!

Gold in Skincare

Everybody’s obsessing over skincare right now. Cosmetic stores have shelves full of skincare products spiked with exotic ingredients. However, lately, gold is infused in everything skincare from eye creams to cleansers.

The question is why? Two words: Gold nanoparticles.

Brands like L’Oréal, Dior and Olay are now using gold nanoparticles in their creams and lotions. These companies have boasted that gold provides anti-aging benefits, improves skin elasticity and blood circulation.

To add, ongoing cancer studies have proven that the use of gold nanoparticles can be an effective method to destroy malignant cells. When combined with photodynamic therapy, gold nanoparticles allow the use of light to create a chemical reaction in the gold that kills the cancer cells, according to research.

We don’t know about you, but that’s a gold mine of new information! (Pun very much intended)

Gold in Electricity

Speaking of gold nanoparticles, they’re not only used to kill cancer cells but are also now being used to generate electricity and power. We promise that’s true!

According to Marcel Schreier, one of the scientists at the Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland, have discovered methods to turn sunlight into liquid fuels using gold as catalysts.

“A gold catalyst, combined with high voltage photovoltaics produced by our group and combined with iridium oxide as an anode can be used to produce carbon monoxide very efficiently. The nice thing about CO is that it can be converted into all sorts of other fuels” says Schreier.

So now we’re curious to know how these scientists will change electricity generation in the future

Gold in Printing

Gold ink is becoming highly popular with printing companies. The golden liquid that sets on the surface of the printed stock adds a sheen to the finished product, making printed photos in gold produce a high quality and long-lasting images. Also, CDs and DVDs that are coated in printed gold can also resist scratches and last longer.

Additionally, a new trend to use gold in 3D printing is on the rise. The reduction in the cost of 3D printers and becoming more widespread has led to a number of materials being experimented with and in this case, it’s gold.

Gold in Arthritis

It may shock people that gold can be injected but well, you see something new every day. Some sufferers of arthritis and related diseases receive injections of liquid gold since it helps with joint pain and decreases inflammation and stiffness. Gold treatment does not repair existing bone damage or disability. So, it will not reduce the pain, however, it will help keep the disease under control.

Now, this is the surprising one you’ve been waiting for!

Gold in Food

The use of edible gold in food stems back thousands of years to the realms of fine dining to boost vitality and show off one’s wealth.

Today, the practice has evolved somewhat, and chefs around the world use edible gold in a number of cuisines, from fine dining all the way through to fast food. It is used to dazzle and delight the customer, playing on one of the most important senses when it comes to enjoying food– sight.

Restaurants worldwide are now adding the precious metal to hot dogs, burgers, sushi, and even, tacos.

Gold is also used for decoration on cakes and desserts. Apparently, it can be used for icing, accessorising, or sprinkling to finish off a candy or truffle.

Now you’re probably wondering: IS IT SAFE TO EAT GOLD?

Yes! (unless someone suffers from a rare gold allergy) pure gold is safe to eat; It does not get absorbed during the digestion process, so no need to fret.

We know you didn’t ask, but we’ll tell you what gold tastes like!

We hate to burst your bubble, but gold is tasteless when combined with foods. It’s used primarily for its aesthetic effect and to increase customer satisfaction by enabling them to eat something luxurious.

So, it turns out, all that glitters is in fact, “gold”

Gold has always been powerful all over the globe since the beginning of time, and it’s for sure not going anywhere. If you want to get gold, we have a hint for you (go check Minted).

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