30 Mar

Refer and Earn

Spread the Minted Love.

At Minted, we believe that everyone should have access to gold.  

That’s why the Minted App is both simple to use and makes precious metals affordable, providing you with the ability to make life-altering decisions from the comfort of your own home.

We're so proud of how our platform has made it possible for everyone to have equal access to precious metals that you can now earn up to £215 when you share and refer friends to Minted.

Call it a feature, a facility, functionality, a chance to earn a reward, or anything else, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Minted's 'Refer & Earn' programme allows all Minted users to invite their friends, relatives, or anyone else they know and earn up to £215.

And the best part is, they will get £10 too when they set up a monthly plan or conduct a transaction.

Easy? Here’s how you could do it.

Step 1- Refer Your Friends

If you’re a user with an active Minted account, you can find your unique referral link by navigating to the referring user’s referrals page on the mobile and web app.

No matter where you keep in touch with your friends online, you can instantly share your unique referral link at the click of a button in any app of your choice.

Step 2- Your Friend Gets £10

This is where the magic happens. When you share your unique referral link with your friends, they'll receive a direct link and £10 to begin building their gold accumulation plan.

Once your friend finds the monthly plan that suits them or conducts a transaction, your referral goes into the approval stage.

Remember, the more friends you refer to, the more money you'll earn.  

Step 3- Wait For Your Reward

You can check the status of your referrals and your rewards on the referral tab.

Once your referral is successful, it’s time for you to enjoy your rewards that will go straight into your wallet.  

  • 1st person successfully referred you get £20 cashback
  • 2nd person successfully referred you get £25 cashback
  • 3rd person successfully referred you get £30 cashback
  • 4th person successfully referred you get £40 cashback


Share again to continue earning; you can refer up to 14 people to Minted.

So keep sharing your love for gold with your dear ones, and you’ll both get rewarded towards your gold accumulating wealth.

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