Monthly Subscriptions with Minted

Our monthly plans offer a convenient and flexible way to accumulate wealth in gold. With Minted, you can set up a plan and start putting away monthly amounts from as little as £10. Whether you're saving for your future, your family's future, or simply looking for a smart way to save, our monthly plans make it easy for you to achieve your financial goals.

The benefits of opening a monthly Minted Subscription plan

  • Flexibility: You can choose any amount you want to save each month and change it at any time to suit your budget and financial goals. You can save from as little as £10 a month up to £1000 a month.
  • Convenience: Automate your gold buying each month and never worry about manually buying gold again.
  • Control: You have the freedom to start, stop or continue your monthly plan whenever you want. You are always in control of your savings.
  • Multiple plans: You can create and manage multiple plans with different amounts to save for different goals simultaneously. This makes it easy to achieve your financial objectives.
  • Precious metals transfer feature: Our unique transfer feature allows you to send gold and silver between friends and family members with ease. This feature is available at any time, making it easy to help others achieve their financial goals too.

Did you know? 

If you put aside £200 a month in gold every month for 10 Years - the value of your money could be worth £39,744 by saving a total of £24,000 by the end of 10 years! That's an additional £15,744 you'll make in return from saving in gold.

If you did the same and saved £200 a month in your cash ISA ( at an average 1.5% rate) you'd accumulate an average £26,071 - that's only a £2,071 extra you'd accumulate over ten years from saving £24,000.

How to set up a monthly subscription plan

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