How to make the most of your January Pay day

Kick start 2023 by making your January pay go along way

The end of January can always feel like a long way away, but you've made it! 

And we're here with some Minted tips on how you can make your hard earned money go further.

New Mum?

As a new mum, it can be difficult to balance the needs of your new family with your own financial goals. One way to make the most of your January pay cheque is to set aside a portion of it for your baby's future expenses by setting up a monthly subscription plan with Minted.

If you want to provide extra value to your little one consider alternatives to regular cash deposits, gold and silver are a great way to preserve wealth and are less likely to be devalued by inflation than cash.

With Minted, you can set up monthly plans to deposit as little as £10 per month into a secure pot that can be accessed when you need it, it's the perfect way to grow your money with your baby's future.

Our subscription plan is widely loved by new mums!

"I set up a monthly gold subscription account for my baby for £150 a month, and plan to keep topping this up until her sweet 16th birthday. I feel confident knowing my wealth will grow with Minted along with my baby. I know my money is going to take me further here then keeping it in the bank" - Behjat Patel

Getting married?

Gift registries can be a nightmare. Take away the stress and ask your loved ones to send you gold via Minted. The gift of gold can make your day even more special. Start your blissful happily ever after by building a foundation for your future financial goals.

With our transfer feature loved ones can transfer gold to you in seconds, better yet your loved ones can gift you one-off gold or silver.

" We're getting married this summer and we've requested our loved ones to gift us two things; one off gold payments via Minted as we have been building our gold with Minted over the last year and a donation to our charity of choice . As die-hard minimalists we're not really interested in superficial gifting we're focused on building real value, stability and a foundation for our future" - James and Anne


If you're single and looking to make the most of your January pay cheque, consider setting money aside in a Minted by creating a monthly subscription plan. It's great to future plan whatever your goals may be, and what's even great you can set up multiple plan's for different financial goals within your Minted account.

" I've set up two monthly gold subscription plan's for £100 a month, one for my future wedding and one for my future deposit for my first house - I currently do not have a boyfriend or close yet to buying my first property but i'm manifesting them both with Minted's help!" - Natalia

A Serial Gift Giver

If you're someone who loves to give gifts, why not gift gold? What could be more timeless and precious! Set aside money by creating a monthly subscription for birthdays, anniversaries for your friends or family. With our transfer feature we make gifting gold easy you won't find this anywhere else! 

" I set up a monthly subscription for £300 a month 6 months ago, and split my account into 3 different accounts - Wedding gifting, gifting for my children and one for my savings. All four members of my family have the Minted app and the transfer feature is my go-to stress free way to gift something special to my loved ones " - Sonali Shah

Whether you're a new mum, singleton, engaged, or a gift giver, we have the tools to help you get more from your money. Whether you're looking to pay off debts, save for the future, or just enjoy life, Minted is the app for you! 

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